Our design and fabrication integrates the best of traditional processes and high tech machining. We love to work with planes, hammers, and saws found in fine woodworking as much as the latest technology found in CNC machines, waterjets, and laser cutters to customize our installations. Our blended approach results in an ability to offer truly unique installations that incorporate community, neighborhood, or business district names or graphics into the design of our installations. This results in our installations being seamlessly integrated into the existing aesthetic.

Among our favorites are CNC machines that mill wood, metal, or stone to generate durable pieces. We also love to use waterjet machines to carve sheetmetal and metal plates and lasers to etch wood or shape acrylic plastics to be incorporated into sun dials and colorful features. This mixed mode of fabrication allows us to remain flexible and adapt our art to public spaces and interests of any community.

We are in the beginning stages of adding 3D scanning and molding to help immortalize people and objects into metal, wood, or stone sculptures. In the summer of 2017, we plan to begin offering pure brass sculptures and statues. Pairing these offerings with 3D prints and molds enable us to offer replica products to local merchants at scale.