Interactive Art

If you prefer to actively engage in art or find yourself ignoring those pesky “Do Not Touch” signs, then you will love Civic Harmony’s interactive public art installations. Our installations are designed to respond to touch and provide feedback through sound and kinetic motion. Creating accessible and easy engagement for people of any age, ability level or musical aptitude to operate and enjoy is our goal. Our motto is “Everyone is in the Band!”
We often find that our interactive art installations are a great equalizer for diverse social-economic classes. We have seen members of the community that have limited mobility play our installations side-by-side with techies and children play alongside grandparents. The common theme running through all of their experiences is smiling and laughter. If people are not smiling when they approach our installation, they are often smiling as the walk away.
These interactive installations help increase pedestrian comforts in unfamiliar public places through sound, music and movement. Travelers feel more connected to the community and residents find new opportunities for collaboration in a shared and positive experience. We’ve seen strangers become best friends in a matter of moments. We’ve seen teens and techies pocket their phone and become instantly more engaged in the physical surroundings.
Civic Harmony’s interactive public art is an entry point for learning music composition. People, like Civic Harmony’s own Urban Designer – Scott Watkins – who has ZERO musical aptitude, are able to respond to the kinetic movement and begin to understand music composition.
We also find that savvy musicians who play guitar, drums, piano and a wide range of other instruments are able to pick up on the notes and scales of our installations and produce unique scores of songs, much to a dancers delight.
Civic Harmony’s installations foster environments that produce pedestrians living in harmony. Please Contact Civic Harmony to start a conversation.