Oakland, CA – The Laurel District Association, a property based Business Improvement District located on MacArthur Blvd. between High St. and 35th ave., has taken a creative step in helping local Oakland Businesses revitalize the commercial District by introducing a new interactive public art installation ‘Laurel Es’ by Oakland based Civic Harmony.
The ‘Laurel Es’ installation was made possible by the recently launched Façade Improvement Program, which seeks to help small businesses based in the Laurel District improve their storefronts, and enhance the pedestrian experience.

About the Laurel District Association
The Laurel District Association (LDA) was established in 2005. A 501(c)(3) property based Business Improvement District (PBID), their mission is to revitalize the commercial corridor of the Laurel District, one of Oakland’s beloved and most unique communities.
The LDA is committed to increasing the quality of public improvements and educational, cultural, artistic, charitable and social services within the Laurel District and the surrounding neighborhood. More information can be found on the Laurel District’s activities here: http://laureldistrictassociation.org/About