Petals, is composed of two pieces. The first is made up of two waterjet di-cut images of the Laurel District Association’s Laurel Leaf made of 16 gage steel sheetmetal fixed to an 11 foot metal post. The positioning of this piece is intended to create a distinctive sundial that will provide a unique element to the gateway of the district. An optional piece of green Plexiglas can be added to the middle of the two pieces of sheetmetal to give the installation a colorful element.

The second piece of the installation are a four part series of interactive musical instruments. Daisies have been selected to complement the existing Laurel Leaf logo. Each of the daisies will encase a musical element and be positioned so that a single user can play a drum, tambourine or maraca. The drums will be activated by pushing down on one of the daisies petals, whereby an internal mechanical system, driven by a series of pulleys and springs, will strike a drum. The tambourine and maraca will both be activated by a light tap. The daisies can be bunched together or installed separately.

Prototyping Pictures

The Petals installation completed prototyping in September 2016 and is currently in final fabrication. Installation is planned for late October 2016. Please check back in for updated photos and videos, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook for a live look.