We love community workshops!
We see public workshops as an opportunity both teach about our installations and to learn about how the community is currently using public space and to learn about their vision for how they would like their community space to change with a proposed installation. Through these efforts we can help communities program a calendar of events around each of our installations.
Public workshops are an opportunity for us to also learn about the interests of communities vision of public space across a wide spectrum of conditions. We often find threads between seemingly divergent communities that we can tie into the fabric of public space through interactive public art. As we have conversations with folks from all over the United States we find music is a common language. This helps us when designing new installations by giving us new ideas and inspires us to innovative.
We also love to teach at community workshops. Our teaching comes in various forms, depending on our audience. Our approach is very audience centered and we tend to tailor workshops contents to the interests of each unique community.
When teaching how to play our installations to community members who are more musically inclined, we tend to take a deeper dive into the more technical aspects of our instruments collection of notes and scales.
When we talk with business or economic development minded folks, we tend to talk about how our installations can be used improve the economics of the neighborhood and strengthen the local economy. This includes how our installations can be used through their social media marketing and traditional marketing materials to increase the level of pedestrian traffic and attract them into staying in the neighborhood longer.

When we teach children or youth from community organizations how to play Chime, we often lead with fun. We teach how our instruments can be played with various games and song challenges. This translates to teaching musical composition through play, within a public space. By starting with simple games and songs, we find children and youths often respond by bringing their friends and family back to the installation to show what they’ve learned.
The great thing about our installations is that they are free to use, very approachable, and can be played by users of any age, ability level or musical aptitude.

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